In case you need to develop a professionally looking site, but you do not have much experience and are not certain what application to use, it could help if your Internet hosting company provides a website installer tool. Unlike the popular application installers that are basically just a collection of scripts, an Internet site installer will help you to choose the most suitable application with respect to the sort of site that you would like to create. This shall save you the time and efforts to analyze whether a certain script shall get the job done or not. Only a few firms provide site installers, but if you have this type of a tool at your disposal, you'll be able to start your online presence really easy. What you shall get will be a ready-to-use site that you could start customizing in line with your taste and needs using the back office of the newly set up program.

Website Installer in Shared Web Hosting

All shared web hosting plans we offer include an Internet site installer. The tool includes a very intuitive interface, so configuring your website shall be super easy even if you never had a hosting account before. It takes 3 basic steps to have your Internet site up and running - select your domain name, choose the sort of website - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etcetera., select the login details for the script and you are done. We've got countless beautiful themes that you'll be able to select from on the second step and you shall see the relevant ones in accordance with what function you have picked for the website, so you could have a unique site right away. The tool along with all themes that are available within the hosting CP come by default with each and every package and at no additional cost, so you can save cash on web design services and still have a professional website.

Website Installer in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you require a powerful hosting package, but you don't have loads of experience, you could get a dedicated server with the Hepsia CP. In addition to many other features, Hepsia incorporates an easy-to-use site installer that will enable you to set up a professionally-looking site with several clicks via a easy-to-use interface. The software instrument could be used for any domain or subdomain that you have on the server and a few mouse clicks later your new Internet site shall be available online, so you'll be able to log into its administration area and start customizing it. Our installer allows you to select among different categories of sites with just a click and depending on your choice, you will see hundreds of relevant templates that you'll be able to use for the site at no additional charge. That way, you could build your websites without paying anything more for web design on top of the dedicated server monthly price.