Whenever some info is uploaded to a shared web hosting account or downloaded from it, some web site traffic is generated which is a characteristic that each hosting package comes with. It's also among the features you should check out, as the amount of site traffic allowance you'll need is dependent upon what you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads and this includes site visits. In simple terms, whenever someone visits your web site, the pages are downloaded from the server to his or her computer and they are afterwards shown by their web browser. It is of course recommendable to be aware that uploads matter too, so when you back up larger files from your pc to the server, some site traffic will be generated as well. Different providers may have different names for this feature, like traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, but all of them apply to the exact same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info produced for some period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Web Hosting

The monthly site traffic quota for our shared web hosting plans is enough for every site. If you have a blog, a discussion board or an e-commerce portal, what amount of data will be transferred to and from your account or getting to some low quota limit won't be an explanation for your web sites to be unavailable. We also provide you with detailed web site traffic statistics, so you'll be allowed to monitor what amount of content is being downloaded all of the time. The monthly, daily and hourly statistics will inform you on how your web sites are doing, what type of files generate most of the web site traffic plus much more important info to help you handle the sites plus your account as a whole. The stats can be seen with just a few mouse-clicks from the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The Linux dedicated servers hosting that we offer you feature enormous site traffic allowances that are sufficient for any type of web site, even a video streaming portal or a popular online community. Terabytes of traffic will be available to you every month and the management panel that comes with each dedicated server will give you data how much data has been transferred already and what amount is available for the present month. In order to avoid service interruptions, we'll notify you when you reach 90% of your allowance and you are able to either lessen the traffic generated by your web sites by optimizing their content material, or you can increase the quota for your account. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever need such an improvement, but we decided to leave this alternative open. The statistics in that panel feature the entire traffic, in contrast to the info in your hosting Control Panel where you will find only the traffic from web sites, but not from server-side software downloads and updates.